October 2019

Every month I send out a 12 card reading with guidance for the current climate - 1 card for each zodiac sign. Read your own zodiac sign alone - or all of them for a taste of the energies in the air.


So far, Libra season has been deeply on brand. The scales of justice have been tipped and the martyrs have become the empowered and the immoral have been humbled. In this reading, the bottom of the deck was 2 of Summer (romance, love, commitment) and one card jumped out while shuffling - Hanged Man (surrender, release, pause). For those who have been doing the work, Libra has provided a deeper commitment to whatever arena we are in. For those who haven't, Libra has left us hanging, perhaps wondering how we got here, and humbling us to do better next time. Ultimately, it's all for the best so embrace your verdict. It will set you free. 

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ARIES (the Self) - 6 of Summer - This is your polarity Libra's season- and the scales have certainly been evened out. This process will also be done with your relationships. Try not to resist it. With whom have you taken advantage - or been taken advantage of? Cleanse yourself of the stories you tell yourself to allow either behavior. 

TAURUS (the Presence) - 3 of Summer - Life's been changing rapidly for you since Uranus entered Taurus. Change was necessary. Revel in the first real tangible proof that your efforts have paid off. If this doesn't resonate, how have you misdirected your efforts? Look to your community. You'll find your salvation and distractions within. Choose wisely! 

GEMINI (the Perspective) - 6 of Spring - The progress you have been working so long for is within reach, and maybe already here. Your audience is noticing and your success is building momentum. Keep going! 

CANCER (the Feeling) - King of Summer - Libra season has brought you an emotional growth and stability that will allow you to commence a meaningful creative project. Enjoy the mastery you hold in this moment by enacting your vision. 

LEO (the Heart) - The Tower - Your old belief system will not cut it this time. This is the season to release the attachments to old beliefs and stories that are holding you back. If you have done the work towards this end, Libra season will bring great relief and a new outlook/opportunities. If you haven't done the work, Libra season will bring great strife and a new outlook/opportunities. Trust your gut even when it scares you. 

VIRGO (the Health) - 5 of Spring - It is an especially charged time and Virgo you are feeling it, likely with a friend or colleague. The saying "you can be right or you can be happy" is coming to mind. What are you fighting for? Why are you in conflict? Does it actually matter? Does it align with your values and long term goals? There's no winning here without equal amounts of loss. If you can wait it out or raise a white flag, do. 

LIBRA (the Creator) - King of Autumn - It is your time Libra! You are the boss right now and it feels good. You know what is right and what is not. Tell the truth. You have the sun shining your way so take advantage of this cosmic favor to make your world more beautiful. It's never been easier for you to assert your will and have healthy boundaries. 

SCORPIO (the Soul) - Princess of Spring - As the days get shorter, your inspiration is growing. Now is the time to follow your curiosities. What do you want to create? What have you been dreaming of? You feel ready for the first time in maybe a long time to push yourself from your comfort zone. Try something new. Go for it! 

SAGITTARIUS (the Truth) - King of Spring - This harvest season will be especially rich for you. Your will, focus, and resources will all be replenished and appreciated. Use this time to implement the idea(s) you've committed to and watch them grow. Enjoy!!! 

CAPRICORN (the Power) - Justice - You are no stranger to karma or consequences and that is what Libra season is all about. You will hear loud and clear whether you have been working hard on the right thing and acting accordingly or not. Your harvest will be reaped or not. No surprises. Isn't that lovely? 

AQUARIUS (the Love) - The Star - This season is settling the score so we can all move forward with fresh eyes without illusions. You are The Star! We need Stars to keep faith in a better world. Be yourself and do your work. It will radiate in ways you won't even realize. 

PISCES (the Wisdom) - Renewal - You are near the end of a cycle and you have come so far. This Libra season brings you an inner leveling up that will be deeply satisfying. You have moved from martyrdom to empowerment. This is where the fun begins. Take a deep breath and meditate for the rest of this season. Collect and recharge. You have a bright future ahead.

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