November 2019

Every month I send out a 12 card reading with guidance for the current climate - 1 card for each zodiac sign. Read your own zodiac sign alone - or all of them for a taste of the energies in the air.  


Scorpio season asks us what we are willing to sacrifice to be who and where we want to be. There is a season for everything and this is the season of death, the release of what is no longer. Libra season showed you who and where you are. Now it’s time to let go of what no longer serves to move forward. 
ARIES (the Self) - Princess of Winter - What have you been hiding from? What truth have you been ignoring? Scorpio season is going to bring it up and it may difficult to receive. Your will is strong (one of the zodiac's strongest!) but it is time to be realistic and honest with yourself. The fantasy isn't working.  

TAURUS (the Presence) - Four of Winter - It is your polarity Scorpio's season and you are in a somewhat secure if unsatisfying pause. Insecurity has brought out the control freak tendencies. It all feels a bit lackluster, though, when it's all work and no play. Take care to restore yourself. There's a better way that will become apparent when you are at ease. Work smarter, not harder.  

GEMINI (the Perspective) - Ten of Autumn - Your hard work is finally bringing in rewards, possibly in cash. Very exciting! Take your well earned resources to set yourself up for future success and security. Be prudent and honor your future self and the ones you love now. You'll be grateful later. 

CANCER (the Feeling) - Two of Spring - Action! Your efforts have brought you or are bringing you closer to a partner who can help realize your dreams. They are good for you! Keep faith and continue working. Substantial progress is being made. Keep going!!! 

LEO (the Heart) - Six of Spring - Did you learn your lesson after The Tower fell last month? This season brings much needed relief after troubled times. You will be rewarded and recognized for your good behavior. Are you behaving? Keep it up. 

VIRGO (the Health) - Ten of Summer - It is a rich time of emotional fulfillment for you this month. Enjoy the company of your loved ones and chosen family. There is a lot of trust and comfort in the ether for you. Charge yourself up with all the things you are grateful for. A new cycle will begin soon. 

LIBRA (the Creator) - Three of Summer - Love is in the air and things are working as you would like them to. It seems everyone is in love (and maybe getting engaged!). There is much to celebrate and you should! Lots of happy reunions this month. Enjoy this season with friends and loved ones.  

SCORPIO (the Soul) - Queen of Spring - Happy Birthday! It is your season Scorpio. Do you realize the power you have right now? Now is a most appropriate time to show off and stunt. Go out and be social. You are magnetic and there are people who will be thrilled to help you achieve your goals, especially this month. 

SAGITTARIUS (the Truth) -  The Empress - With such a bountiful harvest, take the time to discern and commit to what belongs in your domain. You have so many options (as always). What means the most to you? Focus your strong creative energy there. Amplify that which makes you feel powerful and luxurious. 

CAPRICORN (the Power) - Five of Summer - This harvest season wasn't quite what you expected and it's taken an emotional toll. You had hoped to be further than this now. Forgive yourself and release your regrets to move forward with the steady pragmatism only you have. 

AQUARIUS (the Love) - Seven of Spring - You know what you want and you need to stand up for yourself to get it. What you believe in is worth fighting for. There will be some struggle, but your success will come in time if you persist. 

PISCES (the Wisdom) - King of Spring - You have become the leader of your own life. The people around you will benefit as you embrace this archetype. Take action, move forward, set boundaries, take care of yourself. People will react accordingly. The results may be surprising but it's simply how it's supposed to be! 

Thank you for reading! If this reading resonates, I would be honored if you forwarded it to anyone who may also benefit. 

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