December 2019

As we get close to the end of the year (and the decade!) I'm excited to be doing several "20/20 Vision for 2020" tarot reading parties. If you would like me to read tarot for your office or have a unique holiday party with close friends and tarot - shoot me an email at

Every month I send out a 12 card reading with guidance for the current climate - 1 card for each zodiac sign. Read your own zodiac sign alone - or all of them for a taste of the energies in the air. 

Sagittarius season asks us to gather what we've learned from the year past and run in the best direction towards the year future. 2019 has been transformative for many people and it's fitting that 2020 is the next step. I think many of us will have "20/20 vision" as if the fog of the past decade is lifted. Be your own manager/parent especially this month and do the things you need to do to feel confident and secure come January. It's a big moment! 

ARIES (the Self) - Princess of Autumn - Things can turn around going into the New Year with a little planning. Push yourself to set yourself up for success. It's already the end of the year and decade- don't wait until the last minute! The practices you implement will be vital to a happy and healthy 2020. 

TAURUS (the Presence) - Five of Summer - Resist indulging in negative self-talk and emotions. Keep moving forward. There is a lot of energy shifting behind the scenes in your favor. The only thing that can get in the way is your perspective and reactivity. 

GEMINI (the Perspective) - Six of Autumn - The holidays are the biggest time of year for gift giving and it will be particularly important for you. Use your resources to (appropriately and within reason) show appreciation. Your generosity with your abundance will come back to you in ways you couldn't expect. 

CANCER (the Feeling) - Two of Summer - This relationship keeps coming up for you Cancer! It is worthy of deeper commitment. Forgiveness and resolution of the past will come with this new love. Are you willing to release as you enter 2020? 

LEO (the Heart) - Seven of Spring - Pep is officially back in your step. You have clarity from the past few months that is instrumental now. Stand up for what you want and deserve. The Leo superpower is courage. Be courageous. 

VIRGO (the Health) - Two of Winter - Undecided about something? Scared of the consequences? Choose what is best for your higher goals and path. The people who want what's best for you will be cheering you on. 

LIBRA (the Creator) - Eight of Spring - When it rains it pours! Right now may be stressful and you may feel overwhelmed with a million things to do and going on. Do you secretly love it? Regardless- this is a transient moment. Come the New Year things will be more manageable.  

SCORPIO (the Soul) - The Tower - Get ready for a situation that no longer serves you to crash. Next time you'll be able to see the warning signs before the fall. Leave the perspective that kept you in the Tower with the rubble. 

SAGITTARIUS (the Truth) -  Nine of Winter - Things are going so well! And it's your season! What are you worried about? Breathe, remove yourself from overwhelm however you know best. Zoom out and see that the big picture is still ok! Happy birthday!!!

CAPRICORN (the Power) - Ace of Winter - We are almost in Capricorn season and your powers are growing. Carefully plan your new ideas and reach out to trusted people who can help realize your vision. Your potential is limitless and things are growing/shifting in 2020. 

AQUARIUS (the Love) - Seven of Winter - Be vigilantly realistic and honest with yourself. When you look the truth dead in the eye there's nothing to fear. And the truth probably isn't as scary as you're making it seem! You've made great progress- stay on track and make each best choice one at a time. 

PISCES (the Wisdom) - Nine of Summer - This is a transformative time for you. Parts of yourself are being realized in the world that were only internal before. Get ready to make big moves in the New Year in your transfigured form. 

Thank you for reading! If this reading resonates, I would be honored if you forwarded it to anyone who may also benefit. 

Personal readings are available in my store. Email me for information on how to book me for parties and group/corporate readings!

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